Thursday, July 22, 2010

Now a Postage Stamp Honouring the House Sparrow

What was once a common sight in every home and garden in India has now become a part of distant memory for many Indian-the chirruping sounds, the twittering across the window panes and the squabble of playful house sparrows have all died down due to the rapid industrialisation, deforestation and urban development becoming a part of new India.

To remind people of the little beauties who are bearing the grunt of modernisation, the Postage Department of India, recently came up with postage stamps of the house sparrow as an addition to its growing stamps on endangered species.

S B Vyavahare, assistant director, Mumbai General Post Office (GPO) said.
“It has been found that sparrows, which were once a common sight, are now
rapidly disappearing not only in India, but across the world. This is our small
effort to help save the species,’’ he added.

Although in the era of emails and chats, not many use the postal department’s services as frequently as they used to, special commemorative postal stamps or stamps on nature have always been popular among kids and philatelists. The departments has in the past published stamps on endangered birds of India, Ganga River Dophins, flowers, International Year of Biodiversity etc.

“The stamps eventually draw attention to the habitats and other fascinating features of the species,’’ said Vyavahare.

Hope therefore that the house sparrow stamp does its work of creating a buzz among people to save these feathered friends from extinction.
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photo by foxpary4 via cc/Flickr

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