Friday, July 16, 2010

Endangered Asiatic Lions Cubs born at German Zoo

Asiatic lions are the pride of India. Sasan Gir National Park in Gujarat is the last bastion of the species in the world and good news is they are happy here with the latest census showing their number growing considerably to more than 400 lions in the reserve.
What comes as further good news for the species is that two new members have been added to the Asiatic lion’s family, although in captivity in Germany.
The German Magdeburg zoo was in a celebratory mood in May when the zoo’s lioness gave birth to two healthy Asiatic Lion cubs. The cubs have not yet been named but their routine medical tests show they are healthy and absolutely their naughtiest best in the zoo. The Magdeburg zoo is one of the few German zoos that take special interest in working towards revitalizing a species and the cubs are the fourth and fifth lions to be born at the zoo.
The cubs have been vaccinated and micro chipped.

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Photo by wwarby via cc/Flickr

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