Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Countries Pledge to Double Tiger Count by 2022

It is the Chinese year of the tiger and thankfully nations are raising their voices of concern for the sorry state of the regal animal. In a bid to save the tigers from dying an untimely death 13 countries that are home to the tigers met at Bali to discuss strategic plans to conserve the tiger population.

The meeting is said to be groundwork for the Tiger Summit to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia later this year.

‘While there's still work to be done in the coming weeks, this has been
a crucial meeting ahead of the Tiger Summit,' said Michael Baltzer, leader of
WWF's Tiger Programme. ‘These countries have worked together to lay down solid
plans to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022 - a critical goal to
save this endangered animal. '

While governments are always criticised for their visible neglect regarding wildlife issues, the coming together of these 13 countries seems like a positive move towards conservation according to Baltzer as they are at least willingly trying to make a difference.

In Bali the 13 governments first showcased their individual plans to protect tigers which could later be a part of the Global Tiger Recovery Program. The plans will overall cost almost 356 million dollars for immediate implementation.

‘Now that these countries have shown their
willingness to act, the success of any global plan launched in St Petersburg
will depend on financial support from the international community and the tiger
nations themselves,' Baltzer said.
The plan really is to double the count of tigers by 2022 and the success largely depends on the committed efforts of environmentalists and governments to save tigers. If the financial issues are resolved and looked as a means to achieve a greater dream, the tigers can surely be saved.
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