Monday, May 3, 2010

Rs. 5000 Crores Grant to be given by Central Government for Forest Conservation

There may be lacunas down the line, but right now the central government has planned a definite financial support to be given to the forest departments of the whole country. Union minister of Environment and Forest has announced a grant of Rs. 5000 crores to be given to states this year in order to conserve forests.

The largest share of this grant will be given to Arunachal Pradesh with Rs.721 crore slotted for the state followed by Madhya Pradesh at Rs. 490 crore, Chhatisgarh Rs. 411 crore, and Maharashtra at Rs.310 crore.

There have been a number of factors analyzed before allotting the amount to each state, like the share of the total forest area of the country falling in a particular state, and also the state whose forest area is more than the national average.

The quality of the forest has also been taken into consideration for the compensation rewarded.

It is said that in the financial year 2008-2009 Rs. 8200 crore were spent on forests. It is hoped that this time the grant is successfully used for conservation of the forests rather than filling of the pockets.

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