Friday, April 2, 2010

River Dolphin Aquarium a Mistake according to PETA, India

Jairam Ramesh, the Union minister for state for environment and forests recently announced that there might be a dolphinarium set up at the New Delhi zoo which will house Ganga River Dolphins, the national aquatic animal of India.

While most might look at it as a positive step towards conservation of the species, PETA, India thinks differently.

According to them, these are few of the dangers; an aquarium might put the dolphins into,
• Dolphins are social creatures living in family pods. Removing any one of them will disrupt the whole group.
• While catching a dolphin, the group is chased to shallow waters and often the unwanted ones are released leaving them sick and shocked. Some animals slowly succumb to pneumonia when water enters their lungs through their blowholes and near death.
• The act of catching may trigger pregnant females to abort their babies.
• Pools in the aquarium are chemically treated and not therefore an ideal environment for the dolphins.
• Captured dolphins only live half of their age and die prematurely.

PETA suggests a better way to encourage people to know about dolphins is to plan visits to the natural habitat. This will help people get to know them better in their home, and keep the intelligent, social and highly endangered species alive.

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