Monday, April 12, 2010

Bengal Tiger gets a New Home at Manas National Park

A Royal Bengal Tiger that had strayed into a village in Assam, was rescued and released into the Manas National Park.

The rescue mission was carried out by the Assam forest department and members of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). After tranquilizing and capturing it the tiger was kept in the IFAW rescue centre for a period of three days while the officials planned the release operations.

Manas was selected as a suitable new home to the tiger because IFAW team is already involved in monitoring released rhinos and elephants in this park and have the proper set up for the post release monitoring process.

"We think Manas has a good prey base and good habitat for tigers. Even though there are other dominant males here, we hope this adult tiger will not have any conflict with them and will be successful in making its own territory very soon," said A. Swargiary, Field Director, Manas National Park.

The tiger was also radio collared before its release. Now the team hopes that it settles down well in the new environment.

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Flickr photo by audreyjm529

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