Saturday, March 20, 2010

World House Sparrow Day Today

Activists in many parts of the country are celebrating the first ever World House Sparrow Day on March 20 to create awareness about the species and to focus on the dwindling numbers of this sweet, small birds.

In places like Vadodara, activists have ordered special nest to be made for the birds out of cardboard boxes and earthen pots.

“Along with these nests, we will also keep track of all the people to whom we have given the nests. At the end of the year, we will conduct a survey to know what exactly happened to the nests, which birds nested in the boxes, and what was the success ratio. This will help us carry forward the campaign next year too,” said Vishal Thakur a participating activist.

It is hoped that more and more people will open their homes or atleast the verandas to these fast vanishing aviators so that they can built nests and bring the next generation into the world.

Nasik-based Mohammed Dilawar, who initiated the movement, said: “Our intention is not to celebrate the day just for the sake of celebration. That is why we have chalked out a plan of action and decided small steps that could easily be taken by the common man. Unless there is awareness among the common people, the house sparrow numbers will continue to dwindle. One can celebrate this day by going out on a picnic and doing some bird watching.

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Flickr photo by Noel Zia Lee

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