Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is the New Year going to be Happy for Rhinos? It's Doubtful

If the beginning of the year sets the tone for the next 11 months, the Rhinos of India surely know 2010 is going to be bad. Because, in just the first month of 2010, FIVE Indian Rhinos have been shot dead in Assam.

Of these four were killed in Kaziranga National Park and the other in Orang National Park.

Obviously, the reasons for the continuing massacre are the priced Rhino horns. The hard, hair-like growth is highly revered for medicinal purposes in a number of countries in Asia, often considered an aphrodisiac, and used for ornamental daggers in North Africa and the Middle East.

With less than 3000 Indian Rhinos remaining in the wild it is time officials not only contemplate ways to stop future attacks but make sure they reach the spot of poacher attack, before the animal is killed.

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Flickr photo by mikel.hendrik

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