Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Can You Revere an Animal and Then See it Die?

The tigers have fuelled our imagination for centuries. The Hindus have raised them to the highest pedestal by showing the powerful goddess riding a tiger.
It is an animal that is synonymous to strength, to bravery and to ferocity.

Tiger is the national animal of not only India, but also Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, North Korea and South Korea. So many societies, political parties, and people, who want to associate themselves with power and bravado, use the symbol of the tiger on their flags or emblems or logos.

Advertisements get a boost using the image of the tiger – for power, for glucose energy, for might and more.

In 2004, Animal Planet surveyed 50,000 people in 73 countries and found the tiger was "the world's favorite animal."

So, the question here is, an animal whose image we have exploited so much, the symbol of power we are ready to use in any show of strength, the ‘favorite’ animal of most people of the world, how are we so easily leaving it to die?

Why are we not doing enough to save the tiger from being hunted?

Why are we still letting people sell tiger parts, for medicines?

Why do we not do anything to preserve the ecosystems that are the tiger’s home?

Why do we not feel sad when we get to know that no a single tiger remains in a land called a national park, that was supposed to be a safe haven for the creature?

What do we do to make a difference in their lives?

What do we do to save the world tigers?

If you think you can really do something, anything for the tigers, let us know or do join organizations that are helping save the tiger.

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Flickr photo by mape_s

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